Smart Start of Nebraska 

Ignition Interlock "As Seen on TV"

You may have seen us on local TV or in your Newspaper.  Smart Start strives to provide cutting edge technology in Nebraska and across the country.  If you are a local TV station or Newpaper and you would like a demo of our device we would be happy to help.  Please Contact Us and we would be happy to help. Our customers can also expect, and deserve, the highest quality equipment.  

We provide the newest, most technologically advance equipment on the market.  While others are installing older devices used for years and years.  We install equipment that has been manufactuered in the last two years.  We are also coming out with our Newest model yet that should be available in the first half of 2012.  Your equipment is backed by us 100%, we have 24 hour service and are always available to answer questions.  

Look who is noticing Smart Start of Nebraska and our State of the Art Ignition Interlock devices!

KMTV - 12/14/2011

WOWT - 12/14/2011

KETV - 12/14/2011

Nebraska DMV - 12/14/2011 (Works best with Internet Explorer, Video to be fixed.)

Omaha World Herald - 12/14/2011

Lincoln Journal Star - 12/14/2011

Omaha World-Herald - 12/13/2011

Nebraska "What To Do" Video